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To find a book list for a course, first select the department. Then enter the course number and section number to get the book list for that specific course. Leave the course number and section number blank if you'd like to see a list of all of the courses for a department. Lists will only be shown for the listed term.

Carleton College Textbook Search

The Carleton Text Value Pack offering has ended. We will be unable to process any Value Pack orders or online textbook orders after this time. No exceptions.

Course: Section: (Winter 2007)

All textbook orders are subject to our textbook return policy.

Don't forget to check out our line of QuickStudy reference guides!

If you are a faculty member and would like to request texts for an upcoming term, please see our Faculty Textbook Request form.

A textbook list for any future term will be incomplete and undergoing constant revision until the term actually begins. It is not uncommon for a title to appear on the list for a period of time and then be removed for one of several reasons. One should be aware of this when purchasing books before the beginning of any term. Questions about this information should be directed to the Carleton Bookstore's textbook manager.

As a special bonus to students, we offer The Text Value Pack:

  • All the required books for any course at a 5% discount.*
  • The best used books available (while supplies last).
  • Convenience! No waiting in line at the beginning of the term. Your textbooks are already paid for and gathered for you — you only need to pick them up.

    What you need to do:

  • Select "The Text Value Pack" from the book list for a particular course or courses.
  • Order with your credit card before the Text Value Pack deadline prior to the beginning of the term.

    *Please note that listed prices are subject to change based on used book availability.

    Have more questions about the Value Pack? Check out the Text Value Pack Frequently Asked Questions!



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